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Monday 16 Sha'ban 1445



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Country:  United States
Location:  San Diego, California, United States 92111
Time zone: GMT -8
Daylight saving time (DST): No
Calculation method: Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
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Manual adhan time adjustment in minutes

Prayer Times San Diego, California, United States 92111

Feb 2705:1206:1912:0115:1617:4417:4418:52
Feb 2805:1006:1812:0115:1717:4517:4518:53
Feb 2905:0906:1712:0115:1717:4617:4618:53
Mar 105:0806:1612:0115:1717:4617:4618:54
Mar 205:0706:1412:0115:1817:4717:4718:55
Mar 305:0606:1312:0015:1817:4817:4818:56
Ramadan for year 2024
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Qibla Direction San Diego, California, United States 92111

25.26 °

Degrees from North Clocklwise

13523.68 km

Kilometers from Kaaba

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The Noble Quran - Quran translation

«O People who Believe! Fear for your own souls; he who has strayed cannot harm you in the least if you are on guidance; towards Allah only you will all return - He will then inform you of what you used to do.»

Surah Al-Ma'ida