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What is this?

This Tool is useful to write and search in Arabic for users who do not have an Arabic Keyboard installed with their computer, laptop or even mobile device.

How to use it?

You can use this Arabic Keyboard in two ways:
  • Using your mouse: In this case, just move your cursor over the layout and click the desired key.
  • Using your computer: Hit your computer keyboard keys and the Arabic letters will be entered instead of your computer English letters.

What is Transliteration?

Transliteration by default is the conversion of a text from one script (language) to another. In our case we will convert English text to Arabic, so for example if you need to write the word "ترجمة" just type "Terjama" using the English characters.

Because the conversion is done automatically, you certainly be in a situation where the system gives you the wrong translation, in this case, just do a simple click on the wrong word to see the other options you may have, like in the bellow image:

Important notes:
  • You need to type a word followed by a space to let the system convert your current word.
  • DO NOT COPY/PASTE, you need to type word by word, to allow the script do the conversion.
  • If you enable Transliteration, you have to use your computer input device to enter the English characters.

The Noble Quran - Quran translation

«'Moses' you said, 'we will no longer be patient with one type of food. Call on your Lord to bring forth for us some of the produce of the earth, green herbs and cucumbers, corn, lentils and onions' 'What' he answered, 'Would you exchange that which is lesser for what is better? Go down into Egypt, there you shall find all that you have asked' Humiliation and abasement were pitched upon them, and they incurred the Anger of Allah; because they disbelieved His signs and slew His Prophets unjustly; because they disobeyed and were transgressors.»

Surah Al-Baqara